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Networking equipment upgrades

7 December 2020 17:03
12 December 2020 08:00
12 December 2020 18:00
Affected Services:
Samrand Datacentre
Some downtime during network equipment crossover


Due to our recent unforeseen outage at our Samrand datacentre in November, we migrating our networking equipment that will better assist with future performance growth and provide some added features. Our team will install the new switches this coming Saturday at our Samrand datacentre along with final maintenance for 2020.

As we will be replacing core networking equipment, there will be some downtime while the devices are migrated to the new networking equipment, however, no servers will require a reboot thus we don't envision extended downtime. Our team will however work towards ensuring the least amount of downtime to ensure service is restored as fast as possible.

We thank our datacentre technical team from Summit Networks who looked after our network at the datacentre and keeping us connected through this troublesome year.

Updates and Notes: